THE DRONE DIARIES - 21.12.2013

TO DO: report him to David Flint - France is a republic!

TO DO: check if he just mouths the words

THE DRONE DIARIES - 07.12.2013

Dear Diary, I droned into Aust PM Tony Abbott’s right earhole ... echos noisily like inside an empty oil drum ... looked out through his eyeballs - poor bloke has no vision ... droned around a bit ... droned around a bit more ... then droned out left earhole straight into Peta Credlin’s mouth ... a full set of teeth, large and sharp, long canines ... got spat out in a big hot slimy puke ... took rest of the day off.

TO DO: Lekimail this to Beijing and Jakarta ... reverse the spin and sell to Murdock mob for Aussie consumption.

THE DRONE DIARIES - 05.12.2013

Dear Diary, Nelson Mandela died today. I droned into former Aust PM John Howard's re-write of history bubble. not a good look. he has crossed out any reference to S.Africa's apatheid regime, completly ... believes Robben Island was a holiday resort ... aw yeh, and the Australian aborigines have copped it sweet.

TO DO: send a Christmas card to John Howard on behalf of millions of victims of war crimes ,,, and George Bush and Tony Blair.

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