TRADITIONAL ART - hand drawn and painted with pencil and/or brush dipped in paint and swished and sloshed about (just supply reasonable quality photos)

These works have major collectable value

traditional pencil drawing $600
traditional water colour $1000

traditional acrylic sketch $2000
traditional high finish acrylic $5000

traditional oil paint sketch $2000
traditional hi-finish oil painting $5000

The above prices are for single image. Please E-mail to discuss variations.

Framing extra

DIGITAL ART (cartoons, caricatures and illustrations) - hand drawn and painted via digital media.Supplied as computer file or printed with quality inks on achival paper (just supply reasonable quality photos)

These works have some collectable value

Digital art price guide
The recommended rates here are a guide only and are in accordance with the standard freelance rate issued by the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance.

For books, magazines, etc.

B&W spot cartoon $202
B&W half page $279
B&W full page $409
Colour half page $840
Colour full page $1680
Colour cover $2015

B&W caricature $300 ... details
Colour caricature $400 ... details

Framing extra

Live caricature engagement $220 per hour
Workshops $220 per hour

Remember copyright is automatic to the artist under the Copyright Act 1968 unless the artist transfers copyright by agreement.

Ownership of original artwork does NOT automatically go to the client unless agreed to. Make sure to visit the Australian Copyright Council website
and the Arts Law Centre of Australia

Please consider the above information a guide only. E-mail to discuss.

Portraits and Caricatures