Lorin Nicholson, The Amazing Bike Ride  

Lorin incorporates his love of music into his motivational talks by playing the guitar. He was named one of Australia’s finest musicians at the Country Music Awards of Australia and has recently released his third album.

Although Lorin was born with retinitis pigmentosa and has only 6 per cent eye sight, his view of the world is positive, and this is what he wants to pass on to young students.

Singleton’s David Emerson, is the illustrator of Lorin’s children’s book, The Amazing Bike Ride

David, one of Singleton’s quiet achievers, was sought out by Lorin from Brisbane after a friend recommended his work.

The children’s book is the true story of Lorin’s solo bike ride to the beach.

At the time he was 16-years-old, with only 10per cent vision and the beach was 275-kilometres away.

Despite the discouragement from his peers, Lorin defied the odds and followed the blurry white line on the road, riding his bike to the beach.

David’s illustrations are full of bright and bold colours that capture Lorin’s perseverance, courage and the true essence of the bike ride.

The deliberately blurry images encourage the reader to visualise what Lorin’s solo journey would have been like.

The Amazing Bike Ride made the shortlist of KBR’s (Kids Book Review) Inaugural Favourite Book Award for 2010 with reviewers raving about the illustrations.

01 Apr, 2011 10:45 AM