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Worldwide clients - always happy to work with genuine jokers

about illotoons
illotoons is the place to find the work of dave murri emerson - a career solidly based on daydreaming and doodling.
Yes, he is for hire; best way to give him a wake-up call is by e-mail - don't worry, he doesn't bite!

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and anything else ol' emo can remember

illotoons archive
Bits and pieces found in the dusty depths of the famous 'emo' shed.
Have a rumage through here; please excuse the cockroaches and spiders.
illustrations - straight, humorous, fantasy & beyond

illustrations - horror from weird to gruesome & beyond

cartoons - from dull to hilarious & beyond
portraits & caricatures - from flattering to insulting & beyond
sequential art - visual stories - from short to long & beyond
Frontiers of Science



children - stimulating stuff for under 12s & a bit beyond

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