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Scroll down for history of GHANMAN - in reverse...

A few more locals...

Meanwhile, let's hear from a few 'back o' beyond' locals ...

Many thanks for your support. The first 50 prints and sketches have gone to good homes. Glad you like GHANMAN. Another 100 SPECIAL OFFER prints and sketches are in the pipeline

Deciding whether the comics will be mono or colour - maybe work a way to having both?

SPECIAL OFFER: A mono (not colour) print of this page - A4 size, numbered and signed - PLUS an original A4 size charcoal and/or graphite sketch of GHANMAN or his trusty transport "Saddam" or various other characters or details or action sketches - it is pot-luck which sketch you get - they are original hand drawn artworks and signed … print and sketch for just $20 … suitable for framing or collector's portfolio... email me

To get an idea of character, location and style I've done some pages near ready for publishing. This page is well into the GHANMAN story . Overall, the timeline of events will bounce about a bit - that's just how my brain works.

A rough page layout

A sketch and development of GHANMAN I'm sorta happy with

more snippets - characters and location pics

Starting to develop characters and suitable style

Jotted down a few snippets for ideas...

Some action quickies...

GHANMAN has started to look a bit odd, so I think these sketches might suit another character CURRACOBBA, and leave it at that.
Anyway, GHANMAN continues developing; still wanting a 'tough guy' but not too tough - if ya know what I mean.

Character development

GHANMAN has been gestating for a few years, morphing in my mind from a massive and mightily armed, weapon encrusted bastard to quite a nice fellow, really.

However, welcome to GHANMAN, a quirky Afghan descendent with a camel off-sider. They traverse the 'back o' beyond' for no other reason than to entertain you.

Several years ago I planned to do a series called NAMMAN - wrote out some scenarios and script drafts, did sketches and a few layouts, but other thing took over and the project went into a box somewhere.


Sketches of GhanMan

Click corners to flip panels - soon

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